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Introduction of Our Business

We, Azuchi Sangyo has planed, proceeded and sold high-quality nonwoven fabric products mainly with spunbond.
Through the fiber recycling business, we are trying to realize the true recycling-oriented society currently required.
  Fabric Manufacturers
Purchase of off-grade products
Azuchi Sangyo Co., Ltd.  (us)
Processing with slitter if it's need
To our customers
Automobile materials Clothing materials Air conditioning materials Others
Our company reprocesses nonwoven fabric (mainly spunbond) fiber, film, resin, etc., which are considered as off-grade products by major fiber manufacturers and offers resin raw materials used in a wide range of fields such as automobiles, civil engineering, clothing and air conditioning.
We also offer various suggestions to fabric manufacturers and companies that are interested to use nonwoven fabric products.

What is nonwoven fabric?

Nonwoven fabric refers to a porous sheet made no weaving or knitting fibers but by bonding fibers chemically with adhesive resin.
With high breathability, filterability and heat retention, it can be processed into various shapes and used in a wide range of fields.

What is spunbond method?

Crude oil -> Naphtha -> Chips in any grade are eluted from the nozzle and continuous webs are made from long fibers.
By using the spunbond method, we can make thin, soft, and strong nonwoven fabric.
We can produce products that can be used in various fields. It is also possible to produce high-speed production.
Azuchi Sangyo Co., Ltd
55, Asagoi-cho, Omihachiman-shi, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
TEL. 0748-46-3286
FAX. 0748-46-4853
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