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Message from President

Through the establishment of a company having a dream, 
             we want to contribute to make the society full of hope.

The service people feel "surprise" depends on high technical skills and rich creative skills

Since the establishment in 1978, Azuchi Sangyo Co., Ltd. have planned, processed and sold nonwoven products mainly for spunbond, and had deep trust from many partner customers. The cornerstone of this relationship of trust is our company management philosophy, "Being a company needed by society". This is also to continue providing services that meets the needs of the times. So that we have offered value-added services that you can feel "Surprise" with full use of "high technology level", "creative idea", "deep and wide network ".

High employees' performance and organizational skills produce a positive attitude.

To accurately and promptly respond to diversifying demands the young energy essential and demands acquired know-how and skills and young energy one essential. One of our major features is high performance of employees. We carefully and firmly nurture the next generation with an eye toward the future. We believe this effort gives us a real power as a company. In addition, each employee must have a dream and a passion in order to improve their potential. We have also tried to create an environment where employees can feel comfortable. Power of excellent employee performance and organizational capacity, bundling it creates a possitive and flexible attitude.This is our advantage.

Original creative imagination and creativity opens the future

Now the "Coexistence of nature and people" is a global theme, the needs of recycling business are increasing more and more. Accordingly, new technologies and business models are required. Our new building was completed in April 2015 with the aim of technological development to respond to the needs of the new generation and an environment where employees can work vigorously. In recent years, we actively conducted global expansion with the eye on the whole world, including Asian countries. We would like to contribute to create a society full of hope by providing high quality services to our business partners with the imagination to look forward to the future and our creativity to realize it.
Azuchi Sangyo Co., Ltd
55, Asagoi-cho, Omihachiman-shi, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
TEL. 0748-46-3286
FAX. 0748-46-4853
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